Olympic Torch travels through Snowdonia May 28th 2012

The 2012 Olympic Torch will journey through Wales from the 25th to 30th of May. It is the perfect opportunity to explore the Welsh scenery and visit inspiring locations like Snowdonia National park whilst also venturing into to certain towns in North Wales to see the torch.

The 2012 Games Torch will travel down many streets in many well-known Welsh towns. The design of the torch is a very important part of any games. The 2008 games torch was design to resemble a rolled up scroll, symbolising the Chinese invention of paper.

The 2012 games torch has 8000 small holes cut into it; each one represents one of the inspirational people that will be carrying the torch. It weights 800g and is 800mm tall, constructed from light aluminium and is golden in colour.

The torch will travel across the country until it arrives in London for the opening ceremony, where it will be used to ignite the flame.

Snowdonia National park greets over six million visitors every year. There are plenty of places to stay in and around the park and many attractions and activities. If you plan on visiting the area there are a wide selection of accommodation choice on offer including Bed and Breakfast North Wales, a luxurious, stylish & contemporary boutique Bed and Breakfast in the heart of Snowdonia.

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