Could We See Aliens in Snowdonia on Saturday?

UFO huntersSometimes you come across a story which makes you do a double-take. This news piece, courtesy of members of the Aetherious Society, is one of those stories.

In an effort to reach out to spiritual energy which resides at the summit of Carnedd Llewelyn, members of the organisation will be climbing 3000ft up the tricky terrain on Saturday. It’s definitely more of an interesting way to spend your weekend than going for a night out in Bangor.

Along with 18 other mountains around the world, Carnedd Llewelyn is viewed by the group as holy which is thanks to them being charged with spiritual energy by aliens from Mars and Venus. After they conquer the ascent, members of the group will pray for “peace, healing and much-needed spiritual upliftment” to people all around the world.

Since being founded in the 1950’s, the Aetherious Society have had close ties with extra-terrestrial activity and beliefs Founder George King is said to have travelled to mountains all over the world wherein he channelled his energy and “charged” them.

Leading the troupe on Saturday will be Mervyn Smith who has been a member of the Aetherious Society since 1972 and has personally climbed the mountain over a dozen times.

“We’re going up to pray for world peace and enlightenment. Carnedd Llewelyn is a very significant holy place and can conduct a great deal of power,” said Mr Smith.

“We will practise Buddhist chanting and say unselfish Christian prayers, and will be sending energy to Africa for the ebola outbreak, to Gaza, to Syria and Ukraine.

“It’s not an airy-fairy thing but an uplifting and dynamic thing. It’s a very positive and proactive thing we do. The mountain is the most glorious church or temple to go to and pray for peace.

“It’s possible that we will see UFOs – who knows? We will keep our eyes on the skies. We’re not trying to convert anyone, but people are more than welcome to come along and experience it for themselves.”

“UFO hunters” by, license: – 22/08/2014

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