Conwy’s Avian Oasis

RSPB Conwy
Imagine a river-side environment where rare species of birds had a safe space to roam, protected well, with access to scenic viewing areas for human visitors.
The Conwy estuary’s surrounding area is the perfect roosting spot for many rare species of avian. For this reason, the estuary has been made an RSPB Bird Reserve to ensure and prolong the protection of the birds who dwell there. The reserve is a favourite spot of photographers and bird watchers who revel in the immense amount of wildlife which congregates there. The RSPB also serves as a brilliant tourist attraction.

The reserve itself is an area of magnificent natural beauty, and so many people enjoy visiting this wildlife oasis. It is perfect for family trips, the ideal location to fill the youngster’s minds with curiosity of the natural world. During summertime you will have the opportunity to see goslings and ducklings grow up. The time is obviously a period of plenty for British wildlife, so you can also expect to see an abundance of butterflies, dragon flies and burnet moths, which are all wonderfully colourful insects.

The park is an amazing walk, taking you deep into the reeds and marshes of the estuary thanks to decked walkway which provide unprecedented access to this natural world, you will have the chance to see some of great Britain’s finest wildlife, and even some guests from further afield.

Snowdonia’s mountains aren’t so much as a stone’s throw away, and has been called a wonderful region to spend some time at some awesome spots such as Snowdon, the Ogwen Valley, and the Glan Aber Hotel in Snowdonia one of the areas most loved hotels.

The mountains of Snowdonia play the perfect backdrop to this idyllic avian world, as you look out down the valley you will be able to admire the splendour of Wales’ natural beauty to its full spectrum.

The sandbanks of the estuary from a distance don’t look like much, but under closer inspection you can their true wonder is unveiled as they play the homestead of some amazing feathered fauna.

Anyone who enjoys wildlife, walks, or quality family time would really appreciate the magnificence of a place like this.

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