Three Peaks Challenge 2017

Take on the 3 peaks challenge 2017 and attempt to climb 3 of the highest mountains in Scotland, England and Wales…within 24 hours! This challenge consists of a total of 40 kilometres and 2984m of ascent.

The current fastest record set in 1971 by Joss Naylor, is 11 hours and 56 minutes. The three peaks challenge is an extreme test of stamina and endurance. Completing such a feat can be a rewarding experience, whether you are doing it for personal achievement or for charity purposes.

Opting to undertake the challenge with qualified mountain leaders ensures that you are trekking with experienced mountain first aiders. It also saves you a lot of hassle, as accommodation and travel will be arranged for you.

The challenge begins in Scotland at Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in the UK standing at 1345 metres above sea level. On average, it takes trekkers about 5 hours to reach the summit of this mountain. It is considered a moderate walk, with a steep 15km path.

Upon completion of the first mountain, a 6 hour overnight journey to the Lake District will take you to Scafell Pike. The smallest of the three mountains, Scafell Pike stands at 978m.

This will be a night climb, so head torches (and batteries) are an essential requirement!

This 11km ascent typically takes 4 hours to complete, so your group will reach the summit of Scafell Pike just as the sun is rising. A rewarding and picturesque view, after conquering the penultimate mountain of the challenge.


The final challenge will take place in North Wales. Snowdon, at 1085m takes about 4 hours on average to complete. The Pyg Track will lead you up to the classic summit view of Snowdon, and is around 14km long.

After enjoying the fantastic sights and celebrating your victory, it will be time to descend to Llanberis and spend the night celebrating in your accommodation. That is if you’re not too exhausted to celebrate!


If you are considering doing the three peaks challenge 2017, it is advised that you are in good physical shape and engage in regular training or mountain walking.

It is essential during your challenge that you eat and drink enough, in order to keep your energy levels high throughout. Remember to always let your group know if you feel faint or unwell – do not try to ignore it and push on.

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