Snowdonia Mountain Walks

self-catering snowdoniaWhen most of us think of holidays, we see them as a great time to kick back and relax whilst spending time away from our usual day-to-day activities. For some though, the thought of lying on a beach with a refreshing cocktail in hand is simply unappealing.

Many enjoy an adventurous holiday in extreme conditions and terrains – such as Snowdonia. Of course, there are plenty of opportunities to relax in some truly lovely self-catering Snowdonia cottages and hotels, but that’s often not the sole reason that so many visitors making the journey up to North Wales.

Snowdonia offers a diverse range of mountain and trekking challenges for all ages and levels of fitness. Snowdonia National Park is famed for its many mountains, which tourists have been visiting for a number of centuries. You’ll be rewarded with some truly fantastic views of the surrounding landscape on whichever mountain you decide to trek up.

Cadair Idris

self-catering snowdoniaCadair Idris is a mountain which can be found in the southern end of Snowdonia. It’s an incredibly popular route for many walkers, and there are a number of defined routes to follow.

The Pony Path is the longest path, yet also the easiest. This path spans 5 kilometres. You’ll be climbing 600 metres. Unsurprisingly, this path was given its name due to traders in the past using it on horseback.

The Minffordd Path is slightly shorter at 4.4 kilometres, but you’ll have two climbs to do at over 300 metres each. For those who like a bit more of a challenge whilst mountain walking, this path is best suited to you.

This trek typically takes around 5 hours to complete, and is considered quite an arduous walk.


self-catering snowdoniaThe tallest and most renowned mountain in Wales, Snowdon stands at an elevation of 1,085 metres above sea level. Due to the amount of visitors who visit Snowdon each year, it is considered one of the busiest mountains in the UK.

Due to its popularity, there are a number of well-defined walking path all the way up to the top. For those who cannot reach the summit by foot, there is a very convenient railway service which takes visitors all the way up to the top after a scenic 45 minute train journey.

If you’re looking for a less steep route to the top, you’ll want to walk along the Llanberis Path. For a more challenging route, the Watkin Path is considered to be one of the toughest paths. You’ll have more scenic views from this path, but be prepared for some steep inclines!

It takes around 6 hours to complete Snowdon, but this may vary depending on the walking trail you choose.

Cwm Idwal

The Cwm Idwal trek is the easiest out of the three. It takes around 2 hours to complete, with a pleasant ascent of only 140 metres. There’s a designated car park to start off from, and this valley offers some beautiful natural views of Snowdonia.

This rocky area is popular not only with walkers, but with scientists and botanists. This is due to the rare plants which grow within the valley, including the Snowdon lily which can only be found around Snowdon.

Choosing your Accommodation

self-catering snowdoniaChoosing a hotel or self-catering cottage within the heart of Snowdonia gives you easy access to all of these fantastic mountains.

Once you’ve completed your walk, you can relax with a lovely hot shower and spend the night in front of a cosy log fire. With self-catering accommodation, there’s no need to dress up to go down to dinner, you can cook everything in your own time (and perhaps even in your pyjamas!).

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