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Zip World is one of the best experiences within North Wales at present, and the company’s investment in the area has been substantial. Hotels near Zip World have found themselves draw more business year after year because of the popularity of the park. For adults and families with older children, Zip World offers multiple attractions that are designed to be heart pounding and a real adrenaline rush – but for those with young children, don’t worry. They have you covered with miniature versions of adult and older children activities for them, as well.

If you’re not here for long enough to visit all three, how can you tell which experience is best for you at a glance? We’re here to help with our comprehensive Zip world attractions guide.

Blaenau Ffestinog:

The Zip World Caverns have been inaccessible for 200 years before they were opened up for intrepid adventurers. Cited as the ultimate in all-weather adventure, after getting kitted up you can take a zip line through, traversing rope bridges and tunnels deep underground. Don’t worry! It’s via ferrata, which means no matter how heart-pounding it gets, you’re not going to fall.
Perfect for: Adults, families with older children. (Minimum age: 10 years. Children aged 10-18 must be accompanied by a participating adult.)

Junior Bounce is a similar experience for those aged 3-6 years within the caverns, allowing your children to run, climb and slide in an adventure designed just for them. Weather-proof, the activity is open whatever the the skies decide.
Perfect for: Families with young children – though it should be noted that this activity is the only Zip World experience which has a maximum age limit. (Minimum age: 3 years. Maximum age limit: 6 years.)

Zip World Titan, also in Blaenau, is currently the largest zip zone in the whole of Europe, and certainly a great group experience, the Zip world titan experience has you zipping over 2,000m in a seated position with friends or family members alongside.
Perfect for: Adults, Families. (Minimum age: 7 years. Children aged 7-18 must be accompanied by a participating adult.)


Zip World Velocity is the fastest zip line in the world, as well as the longest in Europe. Prepare to hurtle down the Big Zipper over Penrhyn Quarry Lake at speeds in well of excess of 100mph. Certainly not for the fainthearted, but an absolutely amazing experience for those with stomachs of steel.
Perfect for: Adults, Families with older children. (Minimum age: 10 years. Children aged 10-18 must be accompanied by a participating adult)

Too much for you? You don’t have to wait behind twiddling your thumbs. The Zip World Velocity Quarry Tour caters for those that want the same views but without hurlting down the zip line; boarding former military vehicles, and traversing the quarry road and hearing of the sites’ industrious past. Certainly a great experience for anyone with an interest in vintage motors, or local history.
Perfect for: Adults and families. (Minimum Age: 5 years.)

Betws Y Coed:

Freshly opened on the 24th of March, the Fforest Zip Safari is already described as “The closest you can get to flying.” The course has you kitted up and journeying 60ft up into the trees to aerially traverse the forest. The course is 565m long and takes roughly 2 hours to complete, this affords gorgeous views and the opportunity to get a perspective of nature that scenic walks just don’t provide.
Perfect for: Adults, Families with older children. (Minimum age; 9 years. Children aged 9-18 must be accompanied by the participating adult.)

The Fforest Plummet is something for thrill-seekers far and wide. Traverse 100ft high Plummet Tower, stand on the jump platform and… well, plummet. Thankfully, your descent is slowed by the revolutionary Powerfan tree parachute simulator, ensuring a safe, smooth, guided descent.
Perfect for: Everyone adventurous! There’s no formal age limit for Plummet.

The Fforest Skyride is another adrenaline rush, designed to leave you breathless by strapping you and your family into a gigantic 5 seater swing! Expect to be hoisted and swung 80ft high into the air, experiencing a fantastic view of the Conwy Valley beyond.
Perfect for: Everyone! Like Plummet, there’s no age limit for the Fforest Skyride.

The Junior Tree Trail is designed for adventurers aged 4-8 years, and features Grizzly Bear Crossing, Squirrel Hideaway, Buzzard Beam, and the Flying Fox zip line. Your children will be fully fitted and kitted with a body harness, helmet, and hooked up to a revolutionary safety system, though adult supervision is of course required.

The Treetop Nets is fun for everyone, from three years upward! Opening on July the 23rd, Treetop Nets is a shared play experience featuring over 1500m2 of giant trampolines, slides, walkways and tunnels. Your little ones don’t have to wear harnesses for this experience, as they’re constantly surrounded by 3m high walls of netting which means they’re completely safe, 9m off the ground. As your little ones play, enjoy a coffee and some food at Caffi Coed.
Perfect for: Families with young children.

Zip World has won acclaim since it’s opening in Bethesda in 2013, and in the past three years has gone from strength to strength with a series of acquisitions of North Wales sites. We hope that after the end of this guide, you’ll find yourself informed and prepared to take on the experience right for you.

Image Credit: Sarah C Stanley | CC BY 2.0

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