Cycling North Wales – Landscape For the cyclist’s soul

Winter will soon be fast approaching in the North Wales area and for cyclists, it is a great time to be in the mountains. With miles of trails through lush valleys, there are few places that offer the pure excitement and challenge that cycling in the UK’s northern regions can. There is of course, the opportunity to pedal from one secluded beach to another, offering the chance to see more of the stunningly beautiful scenery that North Wales has to offer. But when summer isĀ over, what is left for cyclists to do?

Snowdonia is perhaps North Wales’ most famous cycle trail and offers many opportunities for cyclists to enjoy their sport on two relatively long routes around its highlands. The main route follows the famous Snowdonia National Park through heavily forested valleys before descending gradually on the valley floor to connect with the Llanbadrig Church and Conwy Valley Walk. The second route follows the Llanbadrig Church Walks but leaves off at the opposite end, allowing cyclists to explore the many valley trails surrounding the church. Both routes offer an extremely rewarding introduction to the pleasures of mountain bike riding in Snowdonia and offer a great range of challenging terrain suitable for all levels of skill. There is also a wide range of off-road paths ideal for those who prefer a less intrusive ride.

For those who are just beginning to take up road cycling in Snowdonia there are a number of beginner’s routes available. These are designed with the safety and comfort of beginners in mind and make sure that they can be followed easily by the more experienced bikers. Bikes are available at a variety of prices and are easy to hire on a daily or weekly basis, depending on when you intend to cycle and for how long. Cycle parking is available in the centre of Snowdonia and there are also plenty of cycle lanes dotted throughout the village which allow bikers to cruise on in their own pace.

As well as being a popular sports activity, cycling in Snowdonia means tourists can enjoy the stunning scenery and all the attractions nearby. There are a number of nature reserves and picturesque villages available to explore. There are also a wide range of events taking place in and around Snowdonia, from parades to comedy clubs and traditional fairs. If touring is an option, there are a number of coach hire firms situated in key towns offering luxury coaches with comfortable seating for up to twelve people.

Touring the mountainous landscape of Snowdonia is ideal for anyone wanting to experience the wonderful world of off road cycling North Wales. It’s not just for the hardcore mountain bikers as there is a good selection of comfortable off road cycling shoes available to the general cycling public. There are also a wide range of routes for cyclists of all abilities. Snowdonia is an excellent cycling location for walkers and families too and some of the most popular routes include The Lookout, Doubtful, The Bell Tower, The Trough, The Great Orme, and of course, the famous Snowdonia Falls. There are a number of cycle trails to explore and many of these are within a short distance of the main cycling locations. A great way to explore the stunning scenery of Snowdonia and see some of its beautiful countryside is by bike.

With miles upon miles of cycle tracks available, Snowdonia is a perfect location for mountain bikers of all ability levels. There are plenty of off-road cycle trails as well as pavement surfaces to cycle on, making Snowdonia a unique destination for cyclists of all ability levels. For those who would prefer not to cycle on the roads, there are cask ales and country lanes available for riders to explore. There are a wide range of companies providing transport and catering for cyclists and walkers in and around Snowdonia.

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