Cycling Your Way to a New You

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How many times has this happened to you? You decide that the new year is your time to finally start the healthy lifestyle you’ve always wanted, so you go out and buy some exercise equipment and get started right away. A few weeks or months later, you’re sick of it and can’t imagine why you ever thought exercising was fun or worthwhile in the first place, and you give up entirely. Don’t let that happen to you again! This cycling guide will help you turn your newfound determination into lasting results, starting with what kind of bike is best for your weight loss plan.

How cycling helps with weight loss

Research has shown that cycling, in addition to being good for your heart, can also help you trim off excess fat. Cyclists have been shown to have less abdominal fat than non-cyclists, regardless of their BMI. Researchers have attributed these effects, in part, to greater muscle activity during exercise—muscles tend to use more energy (or calories) when they’re working harder—which may also explain why cyclists tend to lose more weight than runners on any given exercise program. This added muscle may also make it easier for some people who cycle regularly not only lose weight but keep it off because they’re carrying around more lean tissue. If losing weight is one of your goals for 2022, consider adding some cycling into your routine!

Cycling makes you stronger

Not only does cycling Llandudno help build your leg muscles, but it also allows you to strengthen your arms and develop core muscles in your abs and back. This full-body workout is great for all ages—so get on that bike! If you’re looking for an easy way to start, try biking while pushing a stroller or running with kids in tow. After that, ramp up intensity by using those extra calories you burned on your next run. You’ll find yourself faster than ever before.

Cycling improves cardio health

Research shows that cycling for as little as 30 minutes three times per week is beneficial. The heart-pumping workout may be especially helpful for people with diabetes and other risk factors for heart disease.  It can also help lower blood pressure, triglycerides and cholesterol levels, which are important factors in preventing heart disease. Additional benefits include better sleep, reduced stress levels and improved concentration. With all these perks, there’s no wonder people of all ages are picking up a bike (or three) for fitness.

The Benefits of Cycling at Night

When you think of cycling, you usually imagine riding in daylight, early in the morning or in late afternoon, so that you can take advantage of natural light. But if you’re not fond of early mornings or have obligations that keep you indoors during those hours, then it’s time to learn more about night cycling. If you live near water and are looking for a great form of exercise while admiring nature, then try cycling by moonlight!

Tips for your First Time on a Bicycle

Before you hop on your bike, make sure you’re prepared with proper gear and clothing. With these tips, hopefully your first time out won’t be your last. Remember: Being safe should be at least as important as being fast!

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