What makes a fantastic restaurant?

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Millions are made in the food and hospitality industry every single year, it can be a hugely profitable industry when you get it right. However, what exactly is it that makes a great restaurant? If you are planning to visit restaurants in Caernarfon, here is a list of what makes a popular restaurant, which you might want to take into consideration. 

Great food – prices which reflect food quality

Perhaps the most obvious and important factor of running a successful and popular restaurant is serving great food. How are you supposed to attract customers and keep people coming back, if the food you are selling is not tasty. Being able to serve quality food will give you regular paying customers, as well as fantastic reviews and recommendations to always attract new people. It is okay not to be able to serve fiver star michelin star food, but food needs to at least be tasty and prices need to reflect the quality of the food you are producing. If you have a restaurant selling easy quick food, you can not be charging the prices of Michelin star quality restaurants. There are too many places to eat failing, because they are serving average food at ridiculous prices!

Excellent customer service 

The best restaurants are able to provide 10/10 customer service, even through busy and stressful times or dealing with awkward customers. If you keep your customers happy, then they will keep coming back and spending their money. It is vital to have confident and polite front of house members who are able to deliver top quality customer service. If members of your staff are rude to customers, then your restaurant will develop a bad reputation, and people may be put off from returning. 

Vast variety of menu options  

Often you will find that the best restaurants and places to eat have a good variety of food and drinks on their menu. Being able to cater for all ages and dietary requirements will keep your restaurant in good stead. For example, the vegan population around the world is growing and developing rapidly, which is something that the hospitality business has been catching on to. You will now rarely see an establishment that doesn’t have vegan or vegetarian options on their menu, the same goes for gluten free options. 

Being able to cater towards fussy children and adults is also a big advantage in running a successful restaurant, which is why a great variety of menu options is essential. You also might want to incorporate popular cuisines into your menu, such as Italian food or Indian food. Advertising as dog friendly can also go a long way with customers who are dog lovers.

An Inviting location 

The location of a restaurant can be more of a contributing factor towards the success and failure than people might think. You could be serving the best food in the world to customers, but if you are unable to attract the customers through the door in the first place, then what is the point? If the location of the restaurant is unappealing, then people are unlikely to want to travel to your establishment. On the contrary, if the location is very inviting and appealing, people are more likely to want to travel to the area and find your restaurant.

Happy staff 

Happy staff will genuinely result in them taking better pride in their work, and may encourage them to work harder. If staff are happy, they are also more likely to provide great customer service with a smile on their face.

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