How Long Do TV aerials Last?

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If you’re planning on investing some money into getting a new TV aerial, you’re bound to want to know how long it will be before you have to dip into your pocket again. You may also think, how will I prolong the life of my TV aerial? Or which ones last longer? 

Some aerials don’t come at a low price, so you want to make sure you’re spending your money effectively. If you’re looking for information on TV aerials Llandudno, you have come to the right place. 

How long do rooftop aerials last?

A rooftop aerial has to withstand so many different conditions. The weather is relentless with them. They put up with heavy rain, snow, wind, scorching heat, and even have trees threatening to whack them! So, how long can an aerial go on like this?

Your TV aerial can stay correctly installed up on your roof for as long as 20 years. If you’re lucky, this might even be around 30 years, pretty impressive right? 

However, if your aerial wasn’t installed by an experienced and trained professional, you can expect these figures to drop dramatically. If the correct procedures are not followed, then the cables and fittings you need will be subject to damage sooner than the whole structure. 

Are cheap aerials worth it?

There are two things that can reduce the lifespan of an aerial. One being that the aerial has been cheaply manufactured without consideration of the latest standards. Or, the aerial has not been correctly installed, or has been installed as a DIY attempt by someone who is untrained. No matter how good you are at handy jobs, if you are not trained, there will be crucial aspects you will overlook. 

If you want to buy a cheaper aerial, then it’s best to get this installed in your loft rather than on the roof, as it won’t be able to withstand the outdoor conditions for very long. 

If you’re thinking it surely can’t break that quickly, you’ll be interested in knowing that it can break in as little as a few weeks if the aerial is both cheap and installed wrong. You’ll have to buy a whole new aerial before you know it. It is usually worth going for the more professional slightly pricer option, as you’ll end up saving money in the long run. 

If my TV aerial is installed by a professional, will it include an installation warranty?

Any professional aerial or satellite installer must provide you with a warranty certificate for any work they carry out. Having this means that you don’t need to worry if you have any issues with your aerial. It’s good to keep in mind though, that a cheap aerial will always break quicker than a more expensive option, even if it is correctly installed – it’s just down to the quality of the materials at this point. 

Warranty for aerial installation is usually around 1-2 years, but if you’ve chosen a decent aerial, you shouldn’t need to be concerned. Any issues with installation will be apparent before this time is up.

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