5 Things to Look For in a Holiday Home

When searching for the perfect holiday home on holiday parks north wales, there are several factors to consider before making an offer on your ideal holiday home. This guide will outline five key things to look out for when you’re on the hunt for your next holiday home rental or permanent home purchase, so you can ensure you’ll be satisfied with your new place and investment.

1) Location

Location, location, location. Depending on what your needs are when it comes to finding a vacation home, that might mean proximity to family or golf courses or maybe an area that’s known for its great restaurants and bars. In general, you want to look for somewhere that offers easy access but is far enough away from touristy areas where you can still enjoy local culture. Views are a big plus too! 

2) Size

This is one of those things that seems obvious, but it’s worth stating—especially if you’re travelling with kids. Bigger isn’t always better when it comes to your holiday rental. If you want the room to spread out and space for everyone, go big. If you prefer privacy, or simply need more room for activities, opt for something smaller. No matter what size fits your needs best, remember: Don’t expect luxury accommodations and first-class amenities at a discount price. 

3) Number of Bedrooms – How many people need a bed?

This seems obvious but it’s surprising how many people book too small a property and have to either put up an air bed or have their kids sleep on a sofa. You don’t want that so try and get an idea of how many bedrooms you will need. If you aren’t sure, ask your friends who have been on holiday with you before. It’s also worth checking if there are beds/futons in any other spaces, such as sunrooms, games rooms etc… you might be able to add these extra beds when pricing out properties.

4) Amenities & Features

The type of vacation you are looking to take is extremely important when selecting your holiday home. Some people prefer solitude and quiet, while others enjoy being close to an area’s attractions. If you are buying in a community such as a holiday park then check if there are additional shower blocks, a clubhouse, onsite cafe or shops – maybe even a pool.

5) Price

The price of accommodation is one of your biggest considerations when searching for a new place to stay. You’ll probably want somewhere with plenty of character, but if you want value for money you can’t ignore pricing. Work out what kind of value your budget will get you based on location, size and facilities. Be sure to see how far it is from family or friends if that’s where you’re staying while travelling in the UK

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