Routes up Snowdon

Various Snowdon Walking Routes

There are 7 main routes to climb to the summit of Snowdon. They are represented in the map below. Please click on a route below for a more detailed route description.

1. Llanberis Track
2. The Pyg Track
3. The Miners Track
4. The Watkin Path
5. The Rhydd Ddu Track
6. The Snowdon Ranger
7. The Snowdon Horseshoe

2 Responses to Routes

  1. Melanie Lafferty says:

    Hello could you please help me, my son and I wish to walk up and down Snowdon. We would like accommodation for two nights (walk the second day) with a possibility of bringing our dog. Could you please advise on accommodation, we are looking at first week in April.

  2. Carly Hazell says:

    Hi, can you put in order the routes starting from easiest – hardest. I will be climbing Snowdon in May it will be mine and my partners first time and want a nice scenery route but a challenging route too.


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