Why You Should Try A Glamping Holiday in Snowdonia

glamping snowdonia

If you like getting outdoors, but don’t like staying in a tent, then perhaps glamping is the perfect choice for you. It’s easier than setting everything up yourself, plus there are some really luxurious and trendy options for glamping Snowdonia. You can have the comfort of a home or B&B whilst you’re getting in touch with nature. Here’s why it’s a great choice for your next getaway.

You Get to Experience the Outdoors

There’s something about being out in nature that makes you feel amazing. Going for walks in the surrounding land, checking out the coast, maybe spending some time on a beach are all free and easy ways to get outside. On top of this, you could take part in some outdoor activities. Water sports such as paddle boarding, surfing, and kayaking are popular, and not hard to find in North Wales. Then you have climbing, mountain biking or even horse riding which you could have a go at. 

You Can Gaze at the Stars

One of the best things about getting away from large towns or cities, is how impressive the sky looks at night. By staying outdoors, you’ll have access to seeing the stars in all their glory. This can be stunning all year round, so you can grab a blanket or make a hot chocolate, and cosy up for a while under the night sky. 

You’ll Get a Good Night’s Sleep

We all probably know that sleeping in a tent can sometimes be an uncomfortable experience. Waking up in the middle of the night to find your blow bed has deflated, and your lying on a rock might sound familiar? Camping can be great fun, but how much better would it be after a great night’s sleep. Sleeping in a glamping pod, or Shepherds hut with cosy bedding and a proper mattress would mean you can get well rested to enjoy your holiday – perfect!

glamping snowdonia

Dining Alfresco

Unless you’re brave, this one might be limited to summer – and who doesn’t love a BBQ on a hot day? Food is a big contributor to having a great holiday. Memories of enjoying tasty food you’ve cooked yourself outdoors is something you’ll remember for a while. If you want to make it more special, choose local produce. You’ll be able to taste the difference and help the lovely community around you.  

You’ll Be Able to Fully Relax

Going away on holiday is about getting some proper rest and relaxation, and spending some quality time with your family or partner. Glamping is a great way to disconnect yourself from social media, and the emails from work – they can wait till you’re back. It’s also all set up for you, so you are free of all the stress of planning it.

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